Photo & Graphic Services

Xinhua News Agency is the biggest and most advanced organization of photo gathering and releasing in china. At present, Xinhua not only owns a team of staff news photographers all around the world, but also signs up lots of stringer photographers both home and abroad. Xinhua releases real-time news photos in Chinese, English, Russian, Arabic, French and Spanish 24 hours a day.Featured by rich content, brilliant frame and authoritativeness, Xinhua’s photo and graphic products are delivered by global satellite system, internet and Beijing, Paris, Hong Kong, New York sites. Subscribers can receive the pictures in time.

¤General Wire Photo Service

The General Wire Photo Service provides comprehensive coverage of China domestic and international politics, economy, military, diplomacy, culture and sports. The service is available around the clock, with a daily package of more than 300 images.

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¤Sports Photo Service

The Sports Photo Service covers significant sports events worldwide, offering a panorama of the sports industry and culture, popular sports and notable figures. The service is available around the clock, offering more than 150 photos a day. The daily photo schedule increases remarkably during big events such as the Olympic Games or the FIFA World Cup.

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¤Graphic & Cartoon Service


The Graphic and Cartoon Service provides illustrations for news events in the areas of politics, business and other important events. The service is available around the clock, with a daily schedule of more than 20 items.

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¤Stringers' Photo Service


The Photomall is a database for collecting daily news photos taken by nearly 3,000 Xinhua stringer photographers worldwide, with a daily roster of more than 200 photos.

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¤China Photo Archives


The China Photo Archives, a division of Xinhua, has the world’s most comprehensive photo collection on Chinese history, with more than 3 million pictures dating back to the late-19th century. More than 2 million of these photos have been digitalized. The archives are expanding by 1,500 pictures a day.

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